Hardi is a world leader in sprayer technology.


Proven design and quality The HARDI NK sprayer is one of the most versatile sprayers ever built. The NK is used by professional plant growers all over the world. It finds its use in traditional farming, horticulture, orchards, vineyards and on grasslands. Built around the specifically-designed HARDI diaphragm pump and featuring smooth, impact-resistant polyethylene tanks, the NK range is durable and well-proven. It offers far more features and options than you would expect from a sprayer in this class.

Hardi NK


SARITOR 62 Active The evolution continues: The infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission now combines a 6200 litre capacity main tank with ActivAir fast nozzle control and wide aluminium or steel booms, to put this sprayer in a class of its own!

Hardi SARITOR_62_ACTIVE_Right-scaled


The RUBICON establishes a new class in self-propelled sprayers, designed to meet the productivity demands of large scale Australian farmers. The seamless integration of capacity and width delivers acre eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease and ahead of time. 

Hardi RUBICON_6500_right-scaled


Even as the smallest member of the large HARDI trailer range, RANGER has a strong pedigree. Designed to meet the need for a simple and reliable trailer, its success has been proven around the world since 2007. In that time RANGER has consistently lead its class by offering a wide range of features.

Hardi Ranger

Pickup & 12 Volt

HARDI’s smaller sprayer range and includes all 12-volt & hand operated sprayers, backpack sprayers, trailer and pickup sprayers with 400 litre capacities and under. This document also contains a range of 12v pumps and other handheld accessories.

Hardi Cadet

Master Plus

Simple, robust and easy to use, The popular MASTER plus is completely designed around its key functions. An integrated Quick Hitch, well-arranged MANIFOLD fluid system and versatile boom range are just some of the features that make spraying more efficient and general handling a pleasure. The large range of high quality features makes the MASTER plus a perfect choice for the demands of modern farmers. 

Hardi Master Plus


Avaialble in 3000, 4000, 5000 & 6000L capacities with wide booms and DynamicFluid4 pressure-based rate control to improve productivity and optimised application efficiency. NAVIGATOR is designed to cope with the toughest broadacre and row crop spraying conditions.

Hardi Navigator


The 1200 litre GRASSLAND sprayer makes light work of pasture and small crop spraying. Trailer leaf spring suspension and optional air bag boom suspension provides outstanding boom ride and maximises application efficiency.

Hardi Grassland


One of the most awarded sprayers continues to evolve, and leads the way with capacity and productivity boosting features. Available with 6500, 8500 & 10000 litres tank sizes and boom widths from 24m to 48.5m, COMMANDER takes your productivity to new levels.

Hardi Commander