Hustler Turf Equipment


Hustler is one of the leading brands of outdoor power equipment.

Super Z Diesel

The Super Z frame with the reliability of a diesel, a Contractors best friend.

Size: 54-72″

Hustler Super-Z-Diesel

Super Z Hyperdrive

The premium Commercial petrol powered unit.
Size: 60-72″

Hustler Super-Z-Hyperdrive

Super Z

Purpose built for heavy Commercial use at a budget commercial price.
Size: 54-60″

Hustler Super Z


Great value for money in a Commercial unit.
Size: 54-60″

Hustler X-One

Fastrak SDX

Capable of serving the Commercial operators needs at a great price.
Size: 48-60″

Hustler Fastrak SDX


For the astute Residential User or Land Owner as well as the Small Commercial Operator.
Size: 48-60″

Hustler Fastrak

Raptor SD

For the Savvy Rural/Residential User wanting ease of use and shorter mowing times.
Size: 36-54″

Hustler Raptor-SD


For the residential user looking for high-quality entry-level zero turn.
Size: 42 -52″

Hustler Raptor-1